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January 09, 2006



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My man waits for problems work out themselves. And when it comes to the problems with me I am the one to solve them. He is just watching.


Some of the men I know like to defer decisions. Some wait for problems to work themselves out. Women tend to prefer to make decisions quickly. We want problems to be worked on until they are solved. Atleast, this is true about me. In general, I find that I sometimes set myself up for disappointment because I try to solve some "problems" when they aren't really problems at all. In fact, before I was even divorced I started to solve the problem of getting married again. I know that sounds ridiculous. I guess I just couldn't see myself single. Fact is, now that I am single, I like it that way. You don't have to get married to have a satisfying relationship. One piece of advice my father gave me that I believe should be taken literally is this: Marriage is for having babies.

Women in general tend to fantasize a relationship into being something that they want it to be. We have the heart to believe that everything can work out in the way we think would be best. But life isn't this way. So it's better to let life play itself out. Perhaps men know this. Maybe that is why that aren't willing to jump into the problem solving we sometimes try to involve them in. They are more willing to sit back and see how things work out.

I haven't checked out the link you included yet but I will. I do believe women should be assertive. I hope my comments didn't imply I thought women should sit back and just wait for the right man to come along. Patience is required, but that doesn't mean we don't have to do anything about it. Jesus said Knock and the door shall be answered, Seek and you shall find. He wasn't just talking about the door the some invisible place called Heaven. He was talking about what matters most here on earth: relationships. Good luck to you and Frenchieee. Write again. I'm really looking forward to her post "meet the parents". And what is the guy of hers like anyway?

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