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August 23, 2005



Is it too soon to ask for an update? I always look forward to your entries.


What ever you do...don't show up! Stand him up girl. Do not be a poule mouille! See how he reacts after that. Sometimes we have to make men squirm.

Good Luck! I will have to come back and see what happens.


I just have one thing to say: follow your heart...
Good luck!


Don't call the ex. Enjoy the new guy. Value yourself.


I think you should not call him. Think about all the great things you are enjoying now with the new guy. You are too smart to go back with someone who didn't appreciated you. As Stephanie said, if your ex didn't chase you, he isn't worth it...Good luck!

Stephanie Leigh

What is so great about your ex anyway? Maybe he is just going to break your little heart again. Don't call him back. Let him call you back. And if you miss the date? Well, C'est la vie.If he wants you he will chase you. Make him chase you. If he doesn't chase you, he isn't worth it. In the meantime, what about the other guy?

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