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July 20, 2005



Hello to all :) I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

Stephanie Leigh

Same here today..my date ducked...excused himself to work late..he's either howling to a full moon or I'm in the zone entre le chien and le louf (did I spell that right? my French sucks). Their loss, not ours.


I enjoy your site. Could you please post a blog about courtship in France? I am very interested. You see, I, too, find dating here (I live in Toronto) to be 'yukky'. To be blunt, I think dating here stinks. LOL

I have enjoyed reading your blogs. :):)

Bonne journee. :)


If i read english, it isn't so easy to write it so excuse me , i will comment in french (I am in France).
Très intéressant ce blog. Un peu exotique depuis la France mais finalement ça rejoint les galères de la drague partout dans le monde. Je ne crois pas que ça change beaucoup de choses d'être en Europe ou aux etats unis. Cela dit en France, je connais personne qui doit passé par le dating. Je crois que ça fonctionne surtout "à l'ancienne". Pas toujours facile mais je crois que ça nous convient mieux. Enfin ce que j'en dis...
Bonne Chance
Lila from France


Take it easy girl... some boys have got big commitments when it comes to work. And let’s be honest – boys are committed to work because they want to impress the girls with what they achieved in live – it’s a vicious circle. (good provider etc.)

I guess all I’m saying is – that you should consider that he actually has got a deadline and needs to work late – this is the real world darling! Give him a chance…


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